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Issues I'm fighting for... I Will Stand Up for the People of Tennessee and our Great Country!

Second Amendment

As your Representative, I will not vote for ANY legislation which erodes YOUR right to bear arms. Likewise, I will stand resolute in funding any agency whose job it is to enforce laws which are on the books and work to defund those agencies which do not, including withholding federal funding from cities and states.

First Amendment

I will actively call for free speech, no matter how ugly or offensive. Likewise, I expect honesty in debate, not the acceptance of lies and falsehoods as a matter of course. I will explain my decisions to my constituents so they can understand the full argument for or against something, giving as much time before issues are voted.

Return to the Constitution

I will make my voting decisions based on the Constitution, not on popular opinion.

The Economy and Spending Reform

I like bacon, but I do not like “pork.” I will work to keep bills clean and without earmarks being added which have NOTHING to do with the spending. I will work to do my duty to pass a budget and avoid the lazy and habitual “continuing resolutions.” That is a dereliction of duty for members of the house. I will not vote for special projects, even in our district or state. I will be the vote of NO.

Meet Sandy

Sandy Casey is a woman who has lived an interesting, unique, and diverse life.  Some people know what they want to do from an early age and with strident determination, they work toward that goal.  Some drift through life, successfully or not.  Sandy has always wanted to do multiple things (and still does!), embarking on adventures and taking jobs which hold a sense of adventure and discovery.

While growing up in Orange Village, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, Sandy held various jobs, in high school and college.  Every day was different, with new people and challenges to face!

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June 25, 2022
Sandy Casey Introduces Herself

Sandy has completed a new video who says who she is and why she is running.

October 06, 2021
Sandy Casey Announces Run for Congress in Tennessee

Oliver Springs, TN –Longtime conservative Republican grassroots advocate Sandy Casey announced that she has filed for Congress to face Chuck Fleischmann.

February 04, 2019
Pro-Lifers Can Stop Losing By Refusing To Argue On Pro-Abortion Turf

Don’t let the pro-murder crowd hide from their barbarism by dictating the terms of the debate. Hurting some people’s feelings is a small price to pay for saving the lives of innocent children.

August 19, 2021
Reforming Education: Chasing the Wrong Rabbit

Schools closed.  Children abandoned.  Parents told to pound sand. 

March 05, 2021
The First Amendment Isn’t Supposed To Be A Partisan Issue

The extraordinary and unprecedented rise in censorship of free speech, and the growing level of attacks, using either violence, economic pressure, or lawsuit harassment for exercising free speech is a reality that threatens the most basic right Americans enjoy. 

July 15, 2021
Immigration is Joe Biden’s Achilles heel

The President has effectively helicoptered ‘Welcome to the United States!’ flyers all over Latin America

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