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“The Constitution establishes a structure of government without offering a defense of the principles that undergird it.  For that we must look first to the Declaration of Independence and also to The Federalist… If a republican government could not work here, how could it work anywhere?  Reflecting and choosing will not matter if the finished product is not right.  Americans must not only choose, but choose well.”  Timothy Caspar in The U.S. Constitution: A Reader.

I will make my voting decisions based on the Constitution, not on popular opinion.  

There is too much being shouted without substance that it must be ignored- like a parent ignoring the tantrums of a spoiled child.  There is a system of government, a democratic republic to which we must adhere.  This is not a republican democracy, where we are treated to the spectacles of squeaky wheels getting the grease… career politicians ignoring what is constitutional, spinning words to make it appear so, getting their palms greased by lobbyists guiding policy, which is being given the stature of law instead of it being a principle.

Challenge yourself, again, to read the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.  They are clearly written documents and lay the foundation for this nation.  

Challenge yourself to take any issue presented as fact by corporate media.  Argued  the issue itself- Constitutional or not.  Under the purview of the Constitution the issue should probably best be made by the individual or the State. The federal government should be doing as LITTLE as required, not as much as it can get away with.
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