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I will stand against any federal funding to institutions and agencies which do not support the Democratic Republic which is the United States, while espousing Socialist agendas and stifling free speech, freedom of expression, intellectual curiosity and critical thinking.  I will support bills which fund School Choice and reject those which promote teaching Social-Emotional Learning and Critical Race Theory.

I will strive to defund agencies which are anti-America, starting with the Department of Education.  Educational “reform” is that indeed… the actual dumbing down of Americans while stating that real education is racist.  Students are being taught that feelings are everything, sex is most important and yet, we have to have STEM program in upper grades?  We need to get back to BASICS and leave the personal and private education to the parents.  Parents have the vested interested in their children- not the Department of Indoctrination.

The very people who decry the failure of schools are in the pocket of teachers’ unions.  The excuses they make for “poor, inner-city, people of color” being stuck with failing schools are the same one who vote against school choice.  The “new common core math” on that doesn’t make sense- either you are FOR fixing the problem or you are not.  Follow the money.

Challenge yourself and your family to review and discuss the curriculum in your local schools.  Attend local school board meetings to make your voices heard as needed.
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