Second Amendment
As your Representative, I will not vote for ANY legislation which erodes YOUR right to bear arms. Likewise, I will stand resolute in funding any agency whose job it is to enforce laws which are on the books and work to defund those agencies which do not, including withholding federal funding from cities and states. Read More.
First Amendment
I will actively call for free speech, no matter how ugly or offensive. Likewise, I expect honesty in debate, not the acceptance of lies and falsehoods as a matter of course. I will explain my decisions to my constituents so they can understand the full argument for or against something, giving as much time before issues are voted. Read More.
Return to the Constitution
I will make my voting decisions based on the Constitution, not on popular opinion. Read More.
The Economy and Spending Reform
I like bacon, but I do not like “pork.” I will work to keep bills clean and without earmarks being added which have NOTHING to do with the spending. I will work to do my duty to pass a budget and avoid the lazy and habitual “continuing resolutions.” That is a dereliction of duty for members of the house. I will not vote for special projects, even in our district or state. I will be the vote of NO. Read More.
I will vote to fund the completion of the border wall which President Trump began. I will vote to fund the agencies which are to manage our border (Customs and Border Patrol), handle illegal aliens (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and call out the hypocrisy of those who do not want secure borders but have private security, gated and alarmed homes. I will vote against federal funding to any city or state which claims “sanctuary” status for illegals, which do not cooperate with federal agencies and ignore their culpability in the horrific violence wrought on their citizens. Read More.
Education & School Choice
I will stand against funding any federal funding to institutions and agencies which do not support the Democratic Republic which is the United States, while espousing Socialist agendas and stifling free speech, freedom of expression, intellectual curiosity and critical thinking. I will support bills which support School Choice. Read More.
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