When Will the Anti-Liberty Left Realize a Constitutional Republic Won’t Survive Their Assault on Freedom?

Anti-liberty leftists always love to parrot the lie that democracy is under siege from the pro-liberty right. This is why they have continuously spewed the propaganda from the mostly peaceful Jan 6th protest while excusing months of rioting and looting from the fascists of ‘Antifa’.

They’re taking one short 3 – 4 hour event from over 4 months ago at this point as justification for the suppression of civil rights. The fact is the authoritarian socialists of the anti-liberty left have never met a Constitutional amendment they didn’t want to shred.

The anti-liberty left’s latest assault on freedom

The past few months have seen an ongoing stream of new programs or proposed laws from the authoritarian socialists that constitute an assault on freedom across the board, everything from book bannings and censorship to attacks against just about every part of the Bill of Rights. Those who are versed in the history of leftist tyranny were not surprised by these turn of events, only that many have not noticed them taking place.

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