Pro-Lifers Can Stop Losing By Refusing To Argue On Pro-Abortion Turf

New York’s new law allowing abortion up to the moment of birth has shocked many people. It is barbaric, plain and simple. A baby born one minute could have been killed a minute before, for no other reason than a mother has a supposed right to choose.

Meanwhile, states with pro-life majorities cannot pass bills that restrict abortion past 20 weeks, regulate abortion clinics, or require an ultrasound. The simple fact is that the pro-life movement is losing the argument.

The two main reasons pro-life voices are losing are, first, they accepted legal half-measures for expediency, but in doing so, undermined the foundational argument for life. Second, they largely accept the moral logic of the pro-abortion world in how they speak. In both cases, pro-life people are fighting on pro-choice turf. They need to stop.

The Legal Claims

Most legal attempts today to curb abortion merely restrict when a woman can get an abortion, and this is where the pro-life movement has erred. Any argument that abortion should not be legal in only one part of a pregnancy, even with a detectable heartbeat, is an argument that abortion can be legal in another. This means abortion might be made less possible, but it accepts that it will always be allowed.
March for Life by Trump White House Archived is licensed under flickr Public Domain Mark 1.0

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