Why Sandy Casey is running

Americans are tired of the abuse of power-hungry government through its dereliction of Constitutional duties and overreach, intruding into every aspect of life.  The House of Representatives funds a plethora of unconstitutional agencies (NPR, PBS, National Endowment for the Arts, the tainted CDC and NIH, Dept of Homeland Security among others) and projects (failed wars on poverty & drugs, to name a few).  Unelected, unaccountable agencies regulate and mandate how businesses must operate (with whom they can do business, license requirements, taxation on products, profits, how to hire and fire, “quotas” to be met, etc.) though the government is NOT a producer of goods.

We must stop “death by committee.”  Politicians play tough guy in committees, but no actual results are realized.  Marxists who despise our Constitution are still appointed to their positions.  Big-talkers rail about the sins of the people testifying, but no actions are taken to protect their constituents or to unseat or convict criminals.

Sandy has the integrity and determination to do the dirty, behind-the-scenes work.  She does not seek nor want popularity, but only a return of government BY the people, FOR the people… a return to the Democratic Republic which our Founding Fathers set forth in our Constitution. Smaller government, less control over its citizens.

As a Constitutional Conservative, Sandy will work to CUT spending of your money on programs and eliminate agencies which are not delineated in the Constitution.  While she may like bacon, she doesn’t like “pork.”

Sandy will inform her constituents in advance of any bill coming up for vote as early as possible.  None of the former “pass it to find out what is in it” nonsense.  She will answer messages and correspondence, the good, bad and ugly.  Voters are not stupid, and Sandy Casey will not treat them as such.

Sandy believes in term limits, and pledges to serve no more than three terms.  Our current representative is running for his sixth term, looking to serve 12 years.

Sandy Casey is not a businesswoman, nor a doctor, nor a lawyer.  She is not a rocket scientist.  She is a constitutional conservative, a citizen who cares about liberty and justice. Her experience gives her the foundation to understand what is happening in government.  She is one of the New Patriots.  A Re-Founding Mother of our United States of America!

Please join Sandy in fighting for, taking back, and rebuilding our great country better than ever, starting right here in the 3rd District of Tennessee!!

Meet Sandy

Sandy Casey is a woman who has lived an interesting, unique, and diverse life.  Some people know what they want to do from an early age and with strident determination, they work toward that goal.  Some drift through life, successfully or not.  Sandy has always wanted to do multiple things (and still does!), embarking on adventures and taking jobs which hold a sense of adventure and discovery.

While growing up in Orange Village, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, Sandy held various job, including walking a neighbor’s dog six days a week.  In high school she worked as a weekend receptionist at her church.  In college she held various part time jobs – washing dishes in the cafeteria, summer resident advisor, selling imported cheese, cleaning carpets, and was a clerk in a dry cleaning and shoe repair shop.  Every day was different!

Sandy attended Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio, graduating with a B.S. in Secondary English Education.  Her senior year she lived on Devil’s Hole Road- a place well known to pioneers on their westward journey.  True, it was a cornfield then, but to think of the challenges they faced when moving toward a new life- it was awe-inspiring.

Sandy was employed by a school district (Okeechobee) in south central Florida teaching HS English.  She understands the value of both specific and accurate knowledge, skill and techniques coupled with a holistic historical perspective, tailored to a specific class, and tailored to the individual student.  What was going on in the world during a given period?  Who was exploring where or discovering what? What music was being composed?  Asking those questions gives you a different perspective.

Sandy then worked as a ranch hand for five years on a large dairy.  She rode horses “getting the heifers up” every morning on a mini cattle drive.  She learned artificial insemination and is a “father” to hundreds of cows!  She cut and baled hay, learned the basics of tractor, haybine and bailer maintenance.  Record keeping was essential for herd breeding, health, and production.  While using all these modern machines, she would reflect on the challenges settlers had.  They had to plow and plant and harvest all by hand, and possibly lose all when drought or flood or pests overtook their work.  The loss of the work or farm animal must have been devastating.  How brave and smart those pioneers were.

Sandy is a mother, and now a grandmother.  She had the privilege to stay home with her daughter for two years, until their circumstances changed.  She cared for her day and night, watching her grow and develop, becoming an independent little girl.  They read, played, and spent lots of time outside.  As she grew, she was keen on helping “dump and stir,” washing the dishes and other helpful chores.  Was it easy?  Not always.  Yet, she passionately believes that there is nothing more important or rewarding (and sometimes frustrating) that intentionally raising a child to become an independent, successful adult.  She understands some parents must work, but she does not understand why so many people choose to have children to give them to someone else to raise.  Who is it that has the vested interest and sense of what is best for that child?

Sandy was an Aviation Structural Mechanic in the US Navy.  It was a wonderful and challenging job.  Learning the principles of aerodynamics (she hated flying until then), skills required to repair a plane, airframe, flight controls, and hydraulics was intoxicating information.  Getting to her first squadron and learning launch and recovery and all the support equipment was an inexplicable thrill.  While she was not in a fighter squadron, every day felt like the opening scenes of Top Gun.  Because she was much older than most (she was in boot camp at the cut-off age), leadership roles were put on her soon.  She had good, strong mentors who guided her through challenges with work and personnel.  Their guidance allowed her to excel, and in short order, she was a leading petty officer (LPO).

Assigned to corrosion control, Sandy was fascinated to learn there was an actual science to “rust.”  While 12C was not nearly as glamorous as other work centers in the aircraft division, the hard work (washing planes), attention to detail (inspecting and recording) and skill and perseverance (clean, treat, prime and paint), she was in it for the long haul.  It is dirty, thankless, behind the scenes (night check) work, but it is vital to aircraft integrity.

Sometimes working with diligence and integrity leads to head-butting, and those with authority can change things.  She was “fired” to safety, which opened her eyes to the whole other world of principles, regulations, and human behavior.  She learned that no matter what time in history, human behavior does not change.  While it manifests differently over time and circumstances, the reasons for such behavior do not change.  The way to affect change is through education, and if that is disregarded, the natural (Dawinism) or legal consequences occur.  The problems in our society come from interfering with the consequences of the behavioral pieces.

Sandy will take all the experiences she has had and use her leadership skills to work for a return to a Constitutional government.  She will work to eliminate defund wasteful programs and agencies; she likes bacon, but not pork!  
Having learned and practicing diligence and perseverance, she will fight for the people of Tennessee, returning their proud traditions and heritage of independence autonomy to them by eliminating insidious, creeping federal interference and regulation.  Parents know how best to educate their children; businesses know how to make a profit (not a dirty word) and consumers decide the best use of their earned money.  Her decisions in Washington will be based on returning decision making to the constituents per the U.S. Constitution.
And, because it is important to some people, her favorite Cook Out shake is Chocolate Cherry.
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